Summer | Engineering 140B

Site Visits

Each student will host an informal Site Visit at their company at some point during their internship. The purpose of this session is to provide each student the opportunity to introduce the rest of the class and teaching team to the company, its people, and the summer internship.

The time and agenda for the event is left to the discretion of the student, though the event should be short (about an hour). We expect that every student will be there, unless there is a good reason not to be. You are also encouraged to invite your alumni mentor(s) when you are the host.

The Site Visit is meant to be an informal event. Each student will have the opportunity to make a formal presentation including experiences from your summer as part of E140C in the autumn quarter. While the Site Visit should provide an introduction and some context for that future presentation, you should not need to provide any analysis (frameworks, etc.) at this point. In fact, doing so in a premature manner might detract from your autumn presentation.


Some students have been randomly assigned to do their Site Visit during the month of July, while the others have been assigned to host their Site Visit during the month of August.

Month Site Visit Hosts
July TBD
August TBD